The 2020 Flagstaff Hill Art Show

18th - 25th April 2020
Flagstaff Hill Primary School
Black Road, Flagstaff Hill, SA


Dean Wiles, Artist - Photograph items (4 works)


Height 80cm x Width 55cm

Genre: Animals

© Dean Wiles

NRN# 000-40326-0137-01

Exhibit# 571

Hindley On Dauncey

Height 90cm x Width 70cm

Genre: Streetscape

© Dean Wiles

NRN# 000-40326-0138-01

Exhibit# 570

The Wave

Height 70cm x Width 90cm

Genre: Seascape

© Dean Wiles

NRN# 000-40326-0139-01

Exhibit# 573

The Beacons

Height 65cm x Width 85cm

Genre: Seascape

© Dean Wiles

NRN# 000-40326-0140-01

Exhibit# 572