The 2020 Flagstaff Hill Art Show

18th - 25th April 2020
Flagstaff Hill Primary School
Black Road, Flagstaff Hill, SA



By submitting your works you agree to comply with these Terms and Conditions.



  • Standard size (including frame) is limited to 1.0m2 - must be ready to hang with an adequate support wire/cord
  • Artists may enter one oversize work, up to 1.5m2 at an extra cost. See Fees and Commissions
  • Oversize works will be ineligible for judging.
  • Maximum of four (4) entries per artist
  • Commission to Rotary Club 25%
  • Artists registered for GST pay GST to ATO and include GST in selling price
  • Wet paintings will not be accepted
  • Any medium (except computer generated or assisted work unless specifically requested by us) will be accepted
  • Each entry must be identified with barcode label issued by Gallery 247 and must be attached to the top left hand corner on the back ( except for Primary School entries )
  • Photographs are accepted for display and sales only and will not be judged, but will be eligible for a People's Choice award. 


Number of entries: An Exhibitor may enter up to four (4) un-copied paintings (see key conditions for details) not previously exhibited at Flagstaff Hill. The Rotary Club of Flagstaff Hill Inc. (hereinafter called "the Club") may ask some artists to enter up to 6 paintings.

Size of paintings: the maximum size of paintings allowed is 1.0m2 with the exception of one oversize painting up to 1.5m2.

All entries ( except Primary School entries ) must be made through Gallery 247:

( on-line art and Art Show management system.

Entry fee: as detailed in the Fees and Commissions  section of this website.

Pre-Selection process: All entries will undergo a pre-selection process and organisers reserve the right to not accept work of art and to limit the number of exhibits.

Receipt of entries: accepted works of art will be received at the reception point at the Flagstaff Hill Primary School Hall, 145 Black Road Flagstaff Hill during the dates and times set out in the “Key Dates” section of this website. 

Entries which are delivered by a professional carrier: must include a prepaid return freight note similar and be sent to the Art Show Coordinator.  Arrangements for hand delivery at other times can be made with the Art Show coordinator whose contact details are listed on our Home Page of this website.

The Judges: The Judges of the show, whose decisions shall be final, will be chosen by the Club

Exhibition of entries: the Club reserves the right to exhibit publicly such of the entries as its Selection Committee considers appropriate for a period as set out in the “Key Dates” section of this website

Sales at the show: during the show, all works exhibited shall be for sale at the price stipulated on the entry through Gallery 274 ( except Primary School entries in which you may choose to have as  NFS (Not For Sale)

Commission: all proceeds of sale shall be collected by the Club which shall be entitled to retain 25% (twenty-five percent) of each sale price as selling commission

Announcement of winners:  prize winners will be announced during the Official Opening as set out in the    “Key Dates” section of this website

Publication of photographs: the Club may photograph any work or works entered and such photographs may be reproduced in a newspaper or magazine, on television, or the Club website and Facebook pages

Variation of conditions: for the proper conduct of the show, the Club reserves the right at any time, to amend, alter or vary any of the conditions of entry or make any other adjustment which it thinks fit

Responsibility: any damage to or loss of any exhibit howsoever and whenever occurring, and whether in transit, on display, in storage or otherwise, shall be the sole responsibility of the exhibitor. The Club shall take every reasonable care with exhibits but does not accept any responsibility for any damage or loss. Exhibitors are advised to insure their entries against damage or loss.

Return of entries: any entry not sold during the show shall be removed by the exhibitor from the show site at the times set out in “Key Dates” section of this website.  Any exhibitor not collecting any unsold entries at that time should contact the Art Show Coordinator (contact details are listed on the Home Page of this Website) by 12 noon on the designated pick up day to make alternative pick up arrangements. Entries delivered by a professional carrier will only be returned by that method if a prepaid return freight note or similar has been sent. A holding fee may be charged for uncollected works.

Packaging: the Club is unable to guarantee that an unsold entry will be returned to the exhibitor in or with any packaging in which it was submitted; however we will attempt to do so

Payment of prize money: prizes will be paid to the winning exhibitors by electronic transfer as soon as practicable. An exhibitor may only win one prize.

The Youth Prize: will be awarded to an artist aged 18 years or younger who has not won another major prize

Prize Money: will be paid by EFT or cheque. Vouchers in lieu of money may be offered for the Under 18, and People’s Choice prizes

Payment of sales proceeds: proceeds of sales, less the commission, will be paid by electronic transfer to the Exhibitors by the Club as soon as practicable

Artist Details: it is the Artist’s responsibility for keeping their mobile phone number, email address, GST and EFT payment details up to date on the online system to ensure they receive Show updates and the appropriate payment for sold works.

Primary School Entries: please request an entry form by sending us an email  -